Wow 200 followers already! Since all the Homestucks around here are so great I thought why not have a giveaway? So one lucky winner will be getting a Homestuck keychain of their choice of any of the kids (alpha and beta) and any of the trolls (young ancestors count in that!) along with some extra Canadian or Dutch goodies maybe! 


***1) If you are attending Anime North 2012 you cannot enter since you canalready ask for one in my ask box any time before the con for me to give you.***

2) The deadline is April 25th 2012! At 4pm EST!

3) Reblog as many times as you like and likes count too. Just be mindful of your followers!

RNG will choose the winner, and whoever’s chosen will have until the 26th to respond and tell me who they’d like! 

Thank you! 0u0~

Edit: oops I forgot the other ‘o’ in Follower Forgive me?

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